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Bird watchers from all over the world come to Ecuador because of the great number of species recorded here. Most birds added to the Ecuadorian list are already known from other South American countries. However, it's likely that bird species exist in Ecuador that have never been described by scientists.

In recent years Sacha Lodge has become a favorite destination of both professional and amateur ornithologists. Over 500 species of birds have been registered in the area, and from a 135-feet observation platform our bird specialist guides have on several occasions reported seeing over 80 species in a single morning!

Over 1.600 species of birds have been recorded and new species are discovered and added to the list every year. This is twice as many species as North America, and almost three times more than Europe. Bird watching in Ecuador can be one of the most rewarding activities for a birder, being one of the most diverse countries in the world. Ecuadorâs small size and well-developed transportation system allows you to easily access this diversity and experience bird watching in this marvellous

Sierra (Highlands)

The most accessible sites are El Angel Paramo, El Placer, San Lorenzo (railroad), Quito, Nono, Mindo, Chiriboga, Papallacta, Baeza and San Rafael. The following species are notable: condor, carunculated caracara, Andean lapwing, Andean gull, black-faced ibis, Ecuadorian hill star, canasteros and thistletails.

Amazon Jungle

Tena, Misahualli, Puyo, Loreto-Coca Road, Cuyabeno, Zancudococha, Lagartococha, Limoncocha, La Selva, Yuturi Complex, Napo River and A–angucocha at the Amazon can offer you lots of species: hoatzin, horned screamer, kites, hawks, hawk-eagles, powerful harpy, antbirds, manakins trogons, cotingaas, toucans, barbets, curassows, parrots and macaws. The staff of Ecuadortours is always concerned about the standars of quality of the services that are provided. We want the best for our clients, without missing the environmental health.

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