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Planning a trip for the entire family? University & college groups? Or are you on a team of a corporation or company looking for an innovative, yet cost effective way to motivate your sales force? Before you do anything else consider travelling to Ecuador!

Unlike other destinations, Ecuador offers four different ecosystems and numerous ethnic groups. From the Amazon rainforest with the mystical shamans, and then passing through the Andes? active volcanoes with their colonial cities and Indigenous markets, to the coast with it?s endless beaches, ending on perhaps the world?s most unique ecological reserve, the Galapagos Islands. Instead of staying in just one place you can have a very wide selection within a rather small travel distance.

At EcuadorToursOnLine, our specialized Inbound Department can help you plan any kind of trip to Ecuador. From a small family reunion in a Galapagos Cruise to a complete corporate incentive or scientific excursion, visiting every region of the country. Our well trained staff are here to help you every step of the way - from selecting the Galapagos cruise that fits the needs of your group, to arranging group gift packages, planning parties, and providing daily activities for your group, exclusively. We will be there to assist you in all the details of your group and to address any difficult situations that may arise.

The biggest advantage to consider in planning a group tour with EcuadorToursOnLine is that you will be taken care of, from the very first e-mail to the last day of your trip in Ecuador by the same group of specialists. With the assistance of our Inbound Department, this will guarantee that all of the details of your trip are taken care of. Our contacts, here in Ecuador, allow us to negotiate the best possible deals available for your group.

Corporate Meetings and Incentives

These types of groups are either partially or entirely sponsored by a corporation. Companies realizing the value and money saving opportunities that a trip offers may decide to promote a trip as an affordable and popular sales motivator. The possible reward of travelling to an exotic destination is the best motivational tool for any corporation to use with their best employees. Talk with us about your incentive ideas. We have been organizing tours for years and therefore have the knowledge and experience to make your tour the best it can be for your group.

We will handle all of the details for you and if required we will be right there with you to handle all of the planned group activities. This advantage alone allows you a lot more freedom to do what you always wanted to do, actually interact with your group! Our staff will get to know everything that we need to about your company in order to meet its special requirements. Whatever needs to be done will be done for you in a timely and professional manner.

Competitive Rates

We bring hundreds of passengers to Ecuador year round. No matter which destination you select on your trip we will secure the best possible deal for you. We are in a position to offer you very low rates because of our contacts with the Galapagos cruises, jungle lodges, hotels, adventure experts. That is the advantage in booking with EcuadorToursOnLine.


We have become the largest on line tour operator for Ecuador due to our distinctive product knowledge of tours in Ecuador. We are very well versed in all that Ecuadorian tourism can offer. Aside from that, all land tours and transportation is provided with our own vehicles, drivers and certified guides. All of this and much more makes us who we are.

Let us make your vacation memorable!



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